Building a successful and resilient business to thrive within the constraints of the 21st century demands a new approach – to technology, to business model, to corporate governance.

We call it “Whole System Design”

Our car has been designed from scratch to deliver a step change in fuel efficiency and environmental performance.  It’s powered by hydrogen and built with lightweight but strong composite materials.  It weighs less than half as much as a conventional car, is highly aerodynamic and stable.  It’s no accident that many of our team have worked in Formula 1.

We’re a different sort of car company.  We’ll never sell a car as a product.  We offer mobility as a service.  For a fixed monthly fee our customers will receive a car – their car – and all the maintenance, insurance and fuel to run it.  One payment to cover everything – at the equivalent monthly cost of running a normal, average car.

We believe that this  product-as-service concept could change how the world uses and values its reducing resources.  It aligns our business interests with the environment’s.  That is why we are adopting it right through our supply chain.


Our corporate structure is being designed so that all our stakeholders – customers, investors, the environment, the community, the staff and our commercial partners – really do have a stake.

We want to deliver value in all these domains  –  it’s good for society and we think it’s also better business.

The board’s duty is to balance and protect the benefits it delivers to each of the six stakeholder groups.  The company is answerable to six Custodians who represent each of these critical stakeholders and hold the voting shares.

This equal voting structure means that no single interest can dominate the company to the detriment of another.  It’s the key to building a resilient, profitable business that delivers our purpose.

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